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HR has always had an important focus on building up learning and development opportunities across the organisation. But it has only been relatively recently that the profession has started to look closely at its own career development. But as Jonathan Ramsay, head of the Master of Human Capital Management programme at SIM University, explains, HR-specialist training is now taking off across a wide range of platforms
Kelvin Ong - 28 Mar 2017
Executive MBAs are fast-becoming the development programme of choice for senior leaders who want to move even further up the ladder. HRM Asia takes a closer look at the added value these degrees provide through their keen focus on group learning
Kelvin Ong - 07 Mar 2017
There is no ceiling on the range of roles Standard Chartered Bank employees can progress into in Singapore, as long as they undergo one of the bank's 80 learning and development programmes to hone their skills.
Kelvin Ong - 28 Feb 2017
With the high incompletion rates of massive online open courses and other online training solutions, organisations are feeling hard-pressed to explore more interactive and engaging programmes. Experts say one new opportunity is in virtual reality training, as HRM Asia studies the pros and cons of this approach.
HRM Asia - 14 Feb 2017
In today’s rapidly changing and networked world, a strong culture helps to further develop an organisation’s workforce. This does require a shift in mindset though, as guest contributors Wendy Murphy and Kathy Kram advise. They say mentoring needs to become a part of everyday interactions.
Kelvin Ong - 17 Jan 2017
Fast food giant McDonald’s belief in fast-tracking careers has seen it sponsor two different tertiary programmes designed specifically for staff to acquire business knowledge while juggling the demands of work in the hospitality industry.
HRM Asia - 15 Dec 2016
The traditional Masters of Business Administration is still the benchmark academic programme that employers of leadership talent expect. But along with the real world project management experience, communication skills are fast becoming required learning. HRM Asia looks at how programmes are tweaking their content towards the softer skills in business.

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