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HRM Asia - 04 Jan 2016
The impact of having soft skills cannot be undermined.
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Mentoring relationships can improve the professional development of both parties and their organisat
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Technological advances have meant that companies are now looking to tap on the explosion of online t
HRM Asia - 09 Dec 2015
Adult educators (AEs) can do more to harness the benefits of blended learning.
HRM Asia - 09 Dec 2015
How has e-learning evolved over the years?
HRM Asia - 09 Dec 2015
How do learning labs foster innovative thinking and learning?
HRM Asia - 01 Dec 2015
Here are two scenarios to help raise learning outcomes.
HRM Asia - 01 Dec 2015
Learning labs are seen as a useful platform to test and refine novel and innovative learning solutio
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Professional coaching can help boost talent development in an organisation.
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With the increase of mobile usage nowadays, more companies have seen business improvements upon impl
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An increasing number of educators are incorporating gamification tools into their teaching and train
HRM Asia - 23 Oct 2015
Here are three tips that can motivate you to make the most out of your e-learning journey.

Engineered evolution

Today, most of Siemens’ entry-level hires in Southeast Asia are made through its Engineering Graduate Programme, an immersive training initiative that prepares fresh graduates for a fulfilling career with the global organisation
Kelvin Ong - 16 Aug 2016
The flexibility and convenience of e-learning makes it a reliable professional development tool. HRM Asia examines the benefits of going digital in employee training.
Naadiah Badib - 10 Jun 2016
Maintaining employees’ productivity levels at work can be a challenging issue in organisations. What are the causes of these roadblocks and how can employers overcome them? HRM finds out
Sham Majid - 03 Jun 2016
As the much vaunted SkillsFuture initiative gets underway, Singaporeans will now have thousands of approved courses to deepen their craft in any particular field. HRM speaks with some training providers to get the lowdown on their own repertoire.
HRM Asia - 10 Mar 2016
In the new and more disrupted future workplace, a new generation of leaders will need to lead differently. Guest contributor and HR Summit 2016 speaker Kevin Mulcahy captures the essence of the coach-oriented approach to building the agile leadership skills of the next generation.
Muneerah Bee - 21 Jan 2016
A well-developed workforce will always help to lead and push the business ahead. HRM explores the important learning and development trends that HR needs to be aware of in 2016.
Muneerah Bee - 04 Jan 2016
The impact of having soft skills cannot be undermined. What are the important soft skills required by HR professionals? HRM finds out.