Corporate Health


Is your workstation making you sick?

Naadiah Badib - 11 Apr 2016
Laying out health activities is a key strategy that Ayam Brand adopts to ensure happy and engaged employees.
Naadiah Badib - 14 Mar 2016
More organisations are sending their employees for health screenings as part of an effort to optimise wellbeing. HRM explores how HR can work with healthcare providers to plan and execute these screenings.
- 25 Nov 2015
A healthy workforce is a happier and a more productive one. As we binge amid the festive season, it is an opportune time for the HR department to help look into what the employees are neglecting – health. The question is, how?
HRM Asia - 13 Nov 2015
Creating a healthy workforce can be achieved by implementing a series of health programmes to counter common communicable diseases.
HRM Asia - 13 Nov 2015
Workplace health programme, "World AIDS Day: Raising awareness of HIV at the workplace" will be held to unite people worldwide in the fight against HIV/AIDS.