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For many employees, the start of a new year brings along new goals and ambitions. Rewarding them through both monetary and non-monetary means is essential for maintaining retention in a competitive talent market.
Sumathi V Selvaretnam - 10 May 2013
Medical costs incurred abroad can be extremely high without global health insurance coverage. In an increasingly mobile work environment, such medical plans offer employers a piece of mind when deploying staff overseas. HRM investigates
Priya de Langen - 18 Dec 2012
Looking to motivate and engage your staff? HRM discovers the wide possibilities available when it comes to incentive travel
HRM Asia - 14 Dec 2012
There is more to Hokkaido than snow and skiing. Companies that choose to hold their MICE events there are spoilt for choice in this lesser-known area of Japan that is just waiting to be discovered. HRM explore this hidden gem
Sumathi V Selvaretnam - 24 Oct 2012
A comprehensive compensation and benefits package is essential for attracting the right talent into your organisation. HRM finds some employers are going a step further by offering flexible benefits and corporate pension plans
HRM Asia - 27 Mar 2012
A recent survey has found that Singapore employees feel the least rewarded or recognised by their bosses amongst countries in the APAC region. How do you motivate your employees to ensure that they are working at their optimum?
HRM Asia - 17 Mar 2011
While some companies provide for a two-day paid paternity leave, Singapore's Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) has called for two weeks of mandatory paid paternity leave. HRM brings you the debate on the proposal

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