Asia’s MICE gems

Sham Majid - 13 Feb 2015
Planning a corporate retreat these days is certainly a much more sophisticated affair than in the past. Organisations are now venturing into unheralded territory in a bid to craft memorable and enriching experiences. HRM probes further into the corporate retreat scene
Sham Majid - 06 Feb 2015
Are you pondering potential venues to indulge in the tossing of “Yu Sheng” with your staff this Chinese New Year? HRM shares some potential ideas and tips for firms looking to kick start 2015 on a prosperous note
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 15 Dec 2014
Asia’s robust economic growth has seen Singapore’s business travel and MICE sectors continuing to thrive. In 2013, Singapore hosted 3.5 million business visitors, an increase of three per cent from the same period in 2012. This year’s figures are set to show an even greater increase, as HRM explains
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 27 Nov 2014
Who would have guessed the answer to all the big questions of productivity, health and welfare could be so simple? Read on to hear how a food truck has a role to play in all of these.
HRM Asia - 27 Nov 2014
Event organisers are always met with tight deadlines, and high expectations. If you are already panicking, stop and read this step-by-step guideline to make your dream event happen.