Rewards Management

An incentive to perform

As organisations cajole their workforces to be sharper, faster and more productive, they aren’t forgetting to share the fruits of their labour. HRM looks at how staff rewards and incentive trips are being crafted as a show of gratitude for employees’ hard work.
HRM Asia - 24 Feb 2014
Jobseekers are weighing up financial and non-financial rewards
HRM Asia - 30 Jan 2014
With the high cost of owning cars in Singapore, companies here are increasingly preferring to turn to leasing to fulfil their automotive needs
HRM Asia - 21 Sep 2012
Pay may be significant, but it is not the only factor that propels employees. Recognising staff who have done good work through tangible, non-monetary rewards and incentives is another important part of staff retention. HRM takes a look at some of the options available
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 06 Aug 2012
As the war for talent remains competitive, the need for a comprehensive compensation and benefits strategy has become pivotal. HRM finds out what innovative pay and rewards strategies companies are adopting to effectively attract and retain key talent
Vivien Shiao - 18 May 2012
It is important for companies to reward and recognise outstanding employees who stand out from the pack. Incentive trips are a good way to spur on employees, as well as make them feel valued about their contributions. HRM speaks to several companies to discuss the benefits
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 12 Apr 2012
Compensation and benefits plans are often the first to come under pressure in response to gloomy economic conditions. HRM considers how wages can remain competitive to attract, motivate and retain talent in lean times

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