Salary Benchmarks

Sham Majid - 17 Oct 2016
As the job scopes of employees continue to evolve in today’s rapidly-transforming world of work, so too is the way they are being compensated for their efforts. HRM Asia speaks to senior HR leaders to assess how pay-for-performance cultures have been fostered in their respective organisations.
Naadiah Badib - 11 Jul 2016
Salary transparency is often seen as a valued strategy that firms should aim for. But what limitations does the policy have, and how can HR balance the good and the bad aspects to drive the organisation forward? HRM finds out.
- 01 Feb 2016
As always, compensation and benefits will dominate the thoughts of HR professionals as they move into 2016. HRM highlights some of these trends for 2016.
Sham Majid - 26 Aug 2015
While the topic of salaries always divides opinion, there are even more robust discussions when it comes to the remuneration of foreigners when benchmarked against that of locals.
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 30 Jul 2015
Strong economic growth is continuing across the Asian region, and HR is increasingly taking a more prominent position in the boardroom. The function is creating business growth through human capital development. But are HR salaries matching up to the increased responsibility?
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 19 Mar 2015
Competitive salaries are crucial for ensuring the attraction and retention of top talent. When it comes to overseas assignments, HR needs to keep an overview of local salary trends and ensure that its own remuneration (and relocation) packages are benchmarked fairly