Salary Benchmarks

Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 22 Jan 2015
Plenty of staff naturally think they deserve a bigger pay check. HRM considers how HR can handle these sometimes tricky requests
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 18 Sep 2014
HR remains one of the most well-paid back-office support functions, and salaries are rising further in Singapore. HRM finds out what this means for the job prospects and starting packages of fresh HR graduates.
HRM Asia - 29 Dec 2011
Seeking a pay rise in our current organisation is quite a complex process, and it is difficult for most of us to know how to navigate it in an unemotional and objective way
- 20 Jan 2011
If your compensation and benefits packages aren't getting the same traction as before - it could have something to do with the cost of living. It's something Singapore managers should look out for in particular, given recent price rises in some essential items
HRM Asia - 11 Jan 2011
Every employee is unique and is motivated by different compensation, benefits, incentives, rewards and recognition. For 2011, employers can certainly expect to pay higher wages. But they will also need to fuller compensation to motivate, engage and retain each talent

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