2017 Retrospective: Most Read News Stories

HRM Asia reviews the news stories that readers clicked on the most in 2017.
As part of our 2017 Retrospective, we've talked about the most explosive stories of 2017. But how about the stories that you, our readers, clicked on the most this year?
We've gone through our analytics, and a clear pattern emerged among the five stories that garnered the most clicks: worker productivity and satisfaction.
In a time when millennials dominate the workforce, with their job-hopping ways, it's unsurprising that employee engagement and experience has become a big priority for businesses and HR professionals.
Check out the list of top five stories below.

5. Singapore's 10 best tech companies to work for are...

This year’s Best Singapore Tech Company to Work for Award saw local start-ups such as Carousell and Razer win big. 

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4. Malaysian employers must pay foreign worker levy themselves

New labour laws in Malaysia ruled that employers who choose to recruit foreign workers would have to pay the hiring levy themselves.

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3. Singapore’s best places to work 2017

Our story about the 2016 Great Place To Work Awards was one of our most popular in that year, so it's unsurprising to see our article on this year's edition has been just as popular with readers. Salesforce once again snagged the title of Singapore's Best Work Place (medium and large organisations), while Intuit did the same in the small organisations category. 

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2. Which industries can Singapore's unhappiest workers be found?

Singaporeans take salary matters very seriously, but a high pay check isn't a guarantee for workplace happiness. Senior journalist Kelvin Ong takes us through a report from JobsCentral that measured how happy Singaporeans are at work.

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1. Singapore professionals world’s least productive: study

If there was one report that sent shockwaves throughout Singapore's business community, it was this Unit4 study about the productivity of Singaporean workers -- or lack thereof. Apparently, Singapore workers spend only 60% of their time on primary tasks. 

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