Achieving high retention rates through strong culture

Maggie Sun, HR Director of GlassPoint Solar China, says the pivot of the company's strong culture is in its core values of being "SHARP".

The author

Maggie Sun

HR Director, GlassPoint Solar China

In the midst of rapid economic growth, mainland China’s employment market revealed has different trends.

Having been based in Shenzhen for 13 years, in HR roles in structured technology multinationals including in the software, telecoms, semi-conductor and internet sectors, I have now moved to a smaller and younger organisation – GlassPoint Solar.

The company is the global leader in solar for the global oil and gas industry, and manufactures and installs solar steam generators projects across the world.

In 2016, GlassPoint Solar achieved a fivefold increase in revenue, and doubled its headcount across seven locations.

Our China office, with production and engineering as the frontline departments, expanded by 350% through 2016, and we have successfully recruited around 50 staff via well-controlled cost-effective channels.

As a result, we have maintained an 80% retention rate through until the end of June this year.

The vital trigger for our growth is our strong vision and mission to deliver excellent business results and accomplish our aggressive business plans.

The pivot of this strong culture is our core values, known collectively as “SHARP”:

- Safety

- Happy

- Agile

- Responsive

- Principled

Our core values help us make decisions each day. They enable us to hire people who share our vision, and help us meet the expectations needed to win customers and convince our investors and other stakeholders.

We have established a comprehensive hiring system, from submitting a recruitment request to on-boarding and probation.

We also spare no efforts in formulating, updating and fine-tuning our people development plan via training, sponsorship and a competitive wellness programme to retain high-potential employees. 

All our initiatives are aligned with the “SHARP” values, which unite us behind our mission of becoming the world’s leading solar company. They are the cornerstone of our global culture and the key to our success.

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