Are you using social media to hire staff yet?

New research by the ACHIEVE Group shows that more companies are utilising social networking sites to hire staff. Joshua Yim, founder and CEO of search and recruitment specialists the ACHIEVE Group tells you more

Engaging and hiring employees through social networking sites such as Facebook have become inevitable with the arrival of Gen Y workers into the workforce.

According to the latest research by the ACHIEVE Group, 10% of respondents surveyed in the Recruitment Through Social Media Report 2011 have used social networking sites to hire staff.

The report polled over 500 organisations in nine sectors: Banking & Finance; Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals; IT & Telecommunications; Hospitality, Retail and Food & Beverage; Shipping & Logistics; Industrial Manufacturing & Engineering; Oil & Gas; Professional Services, and Property & Construction. Participants were predominantly executives, human resource managers and directors at multi-national firms and medium to large-sized enterprises.

The results of this report have indeed showcased a novel and fascinating trend emerging, as more and more companies begin using social media as a recruitment tool.

The survey also found the top three sectors that employ this recruitment practice to be Professional Services (35%), IT & Telecommunications (21%), and Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals (19%).

Clearly, one of the benefits of using social media networks to hire staff is the cost-savings that businesses enjoy when compared with traditional recruitment methods like advertised search. Hiring through social media also gives potential employers unique insight into the candidate’s true character that is not likely to be revealed during the conventional interview process.

Preferred social networking sites for recruitment

Expectedly, the survey found Facebook to be the most popular social media platform that employers used to hire staff with 48% of the votes. This was followed closely by LinkedIn, which garnered 42% votes. Micro-blogging site Twitter garnered 2% while the remaining 8% went to other social media platforms.

An important point to note is the percentage increase for such recruitment practices, which provides more evidence that hiring through social media is indeed an emerging trend.

According to our survey, 52% of companies reported a ‘less than 5%’ increase in recruitment through social media. 26% acknowledged a rise of ‘5-10%’ while 22% of companies saw a jump of ‘more than 11%’.

In conclusion, the survey found that hiring through social media is gaining momentum and it will be interesting to see how this emerging trend develops further.


Written by: Joshua Yim, Founder and CEO, search and recruitment specialists the ACHIEVE Group

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