The art of momentum

Business management author Michael McQueen explains why momentum is the key to success.

Momentum is a phrase used a lot, but often relegated to simply being a sensation.

But momentum is much more than that, says Michael McQueen, business author, strategist and self-proclaimed “Futurist” who has worked with global companies like KPMG, Pepsi and Cisco. 

“The whole question of momentum is a critical one for people leaders because testing momentum is like trying to keep your finger on the pulse of the organisation. Everything will flow out based on how much momentum you’ve got,” McQueen told HRM TV at the HR Summit & Expo Asia 2017.

In other words, the amount of momentum in an organisation will affect it’s people’s productivity levels.

McQueen goes on to explain how using a simple tool as can help HR decipher how much momentum there is within their organisations. This can then inform their talent strategies accordingly. 

Learn more about the art of momentum in McQueen's book titled Momentum: How to Build it, Keep it, or Get it Back.