Asia's most effective workspaces: GSK (Singapore)

As part of our "Most Effective Workspaces in Asia" list, we put the spotlight on pharmaceutical giant GSK's Asia headquarters.

GSK Asia (Singapore)

Employees - Over 800

Designed by - Hassell Studio

The newest compound on the list, GSK officially moved into its six-storey, state-of-the-art Asian hub – named The GSK Asia House – in October this year. The mammoth building, which sits on 1.3 hectares at Singapore’s chic Rochester Park, was designed to foster better connectivity and collaboration among employees and customers alike.


  • Over 15 types of reconfigurable workspaces, meeting venues and interaction spaces
  • Sculptural roof form with unique “petal” shading
  • Almost feels like a greenhouse: Over 62,000 different plants scattered across the premises, with sunlight streaming in through universal full-length windows
  • Health studio and gym offering daily fitness classes

So what?

  • Creates a highly appealing, welcoming vibe
  • Stimulates positive moods, and promotes wakefulness and good respiratory health
  • Promotes a less sedentary and healthier lifestyle
  • Encourages flexibility, collaboration and movement among teams

They say:

"Our new regional headquarters GSK Asia House’s open-plan working design removes unnecessary cubicles, partitions and visual barriers, creating a spacious physical environment that feels more spacious, bright and energised, with a good ‘buzz’ in the central collaborative zones, which enhances creativity and productivity.

To reduce sedentary working behaviour, GSK provides adjustable sit-stand desks for employees’ use. This has been shown to enhance caloric expenditure, improve productivity, and reduces the risk of metabolic diseases, including high cholesterol levels.

Such workstations and other ergonomic considerations, together with the centrally accessible stairwells, outdoor working trails, and proximity to Singapore’s network of interlinking park connectors, will support healthy working behaviours.”

- Dr Andrew Epaphroditus Tay Swee Kwang, Director (Health & Productivity) – Singapore, Health Share Services, Glaxosmithkline (GSK)


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