Ask Me Anything with Jason Jennings Live from HR Summit 2018!

Jason Jennings is ready to answer all your questions - even what he had for lunch. Do submit your questions now!

Jason Jennings - Live Q&A with HRM Magazine Asia

May 10, 1.25pm @ HR Summit & Expo Asia 2018

Send us your questions!

Do you have any burning questions for our presenters at the HR Summit & Expo Asia 2018?

For the first time, this year's closing speaker, world-renowned HR and management expert Jason Jennings, will be sitting down for 20 minutes on May 10 (day two of the Summit) at 1.25PM Singapore time for an exclusive Ask Me Anything, where he will answer all your questions LIVE from the event via HRM Asia's Facebook live stream.

If you're joining us at the event, do come by the Power Talk stage to witness the AMA in person!

If you want your questions answered, do submit them ahead of time via this link.

Note: You don't actually have to sign in - you simply have to put in your position.

You can also submit questions in the comments section of this post (just scroll down), or via Facebook during the stream itself.

Remember, you can ask Jason anything - even what he had for lunch! And we might just give you a shoutout during the broadcast!

If you can't think of any questions, that's fine too -- you can upvote any other submitted questions that you'd like to see Jason take a gander at.

Please spread the word to all your HR colleagues and friends, and we look forward to connecting with you then. Share this link!

Jason Jennings - Live Q&A with HRM Magazine Asia

May 10, 1.25pm at HR Summit & Expo Asia 2018

Send us your questions!


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