Brian Tracy's top tips for leaders

Prominent management speaker and author Brian Tracy says the best business leaders possess these qualities.

“Leaders and managers talk too much”.

This is according to world-renowned management speaker Brian Tracy, who said the biggest problem with senior management continues to be the fact that they don’t listen enough to others.

“We call this the talk to question ratio,” he told HRM TV at the sidelines of this year’s HR Summit & Expo Asia.

Tracy cites the example of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as an example of a leader who asks questions. Zuckerberg, he adds, asks an average of five questions for every one statement that he makes.

“The very best leaders ask a lot of questions and listen very closely to the answers,” says Tracy.

Tracy, the author of 12 Disciplines of Leadership Excellence, also shares the qualities he believes all good leaders should possess. They are clarity and commitment to excellence.

“The most important thing is to be absolutely clear about what you want to accomplish as a leader for your business,” he says.