The CHRO’s role during business transformation

CHROs are expected to get their organisations change-ready while managing culture shifts, shares Sandeep Girota, Head of HR at DaVita Healthcare.

Any form of business transformation will definitely affect employees, and HR plays a very important role in the transformation journey.

During such turbulent times, the CHRO’s role is to manage culture change across the organisation, says Sandeep Girota, Head of HR for Asia-Pacific at DaVita Healthcare.

“Change of the talent landscape, change of how we behave and address issues, and change around how we get ready for any eventuality – all this is going to be a part of HR, which has to ensure that the organisation is ready,” says Girota.

“The readiness of the organisation is on the shoulders of the CHRO.”

But this was not always the CHRO’s job, he says. That’s because the expectations of HR has also changed drastically in recent years, forcing HR to take on the role of being a change manager and flag-bearer.

“CHROs have to ensure we have the people, people processes and organisational DNA capable to lead the change…getting the organisation ready,” says Girota.