A conversation with...Marcus Buckingham

There's more to Marcus Buckingham than his work on HR and business management.

There's more to Marcus Buckingham than his work on HR and business management. He's a father, a dog lover, an ardent soccer fan, and most importantly - he knows his way around Instagram.

In our exclusive one-on-one with one of the world's most sought-after management experts (check out the full story on Buckingham's career and his words of advice for HR here), we also asked him some hard-hitting questions, about his favourite soccer team, of course. 


Up close with...

Marcus Buckingham 

Global researcher and thought leader, and Founder of The Marcus Buckingham Company 

Based in: Beverly Hills, US

Academic background: Master of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge

Mantra:  “You are one, and we are one”

What does that mean?  You are unique, and yet we are still all connected.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? I snuggle with my dog. I love dogs and they’re always right there!

And the last thing each day? I’m a huge Arsenal supporter and they’re not doing very well this season, so I tend to watch old games on YouTube where they played really well.

Social media of choice? Instagram. It’s super easy to use and super visual. I’ve got enough complexity in my life, and I like seeing what other people are doing. By the way, follow me at @marcusbuckingham.


You are who you surround yourself with. #loveandwork @themarcusbuckinghamcompany

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Favourite book? The Prophet by Khalil Gibrand. It’s an amazing book of prose poetry.

Biggest moment of your life thus far: The birth of my kids.

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