Creative perks for employees

Non-monetary benefits might be the key to employee happiness

You will need to be more creative if you want to retain top talent.

According to State of the Workplace: Benefits and Perks study by, 95% of Americans weigh job benefits and perks before deciding if they want to stay or move to a new organisation.

Companies do not have to provide cash incentives all the time. Be creative and realistic.

Non-monetary perks, even if they are low-cost, can go a long way to win employees over and attract more talent.

Employers should widen their horizon and come up with a list of top offerings and perks. Your employees are sure to love them.

Eight perks to consider:

Flexi-working arrangements (work from anywhere)

It’s not mandatory that your employees clock in at 9am every day unless there are morning meetings to attend.

Many bosses will find that employees will love their job if their boss doesn’t micromanage and trusts that they get their work done.

Companies can opt for flexibility by letting employees choose their hours as long as they are completing work on time.

Free meals

Sometimes it’s the small things that will uplift your employees’ spirits. Surprise your team with a free lunch at work.

Alternatively, you can bring them to a nice restaurant or have drinks at a local pub. You are also giving them a chance to interact and know their colleagues better.

Invest in a decent coffee machine

You will be surprised that coffee has a direct influence on work productivity, employee engagement and office morale.

Purchase a high quality coffee machine for the office pantry. Employees need their daily caffeine dosage.

Company picnics

Arrange a company picnic at a convenient place over the weekend.

The outing doesn’t have to be extravagant. Picnics are a great way for team bonding and showing appreciation towards your employees.

Paid time off

Giving your employees time off from their daily desks just might enhance work productivity.

Don't be too quick to dismiss the idea.

Grant them a day/half-day off each month and see what the results are.

Complimentary vouchers

Use your professional network and secure an exciting package that you can pass on to your employees.

These can range from beauty, massage to even food vouchers. Buy the vouchers in bulk and reward your workers on a special day.

If your company budget is bigger, you might want to consider sending them on a vacation abroad.

Gym membership

Focus on helping your employees to stay healthy and fit.  Healthier employees are a happier lot and will take fewer sick days.

If your office is walking distance to a gym, try negotiating a deal with the management for discounted packages. You can also encourage your workers to use their free time (before/after work) to hit the gym.

This offering assures good health and may boost work productivity.

On-site childcare

If many of your employees have children and seem distracted due to family commitments, it will be worth considering childcare services in the office.

Hire a babysitter if possible. The base pay for babysitters might be better for you financially than having stressed out employees watching the clock or coming in late.

Analysing the Workday advantage

Sandeep Aggarwal, Chief Financial Officer of Aon-Hewitt Asia-Pacific, shares his thoughts on the Workday finance and HR analytics platform. He says the cloud-based system is intuitive and easy-to-use, but still provides powerful insights across the functions.

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