Danone's all-encompassing new parental policy

The French food company's new policy includes allocated time off for pre-natal appointments.

Danone Singapore has introduced a new parental policy that seeks to support employees before, during, and after welcome a new child.

The new policy is described as an expression of the company’s commitment to foster an “Alimentation Revolution” for consumers worldwide, to encourage diets and lifestyles that bring the most benefit in people’s lives. Accordingly, every Danone employee will now receive proper and regular training on the importance of healthy nutrition, with special attention given to expecting and new parents.

They will also be guided on the critical importance of optimal nutrition, including breastfeeding, during the first 1000 days of a baby’s life. Parents are also offered flexible work-life options to help them keep their families at the centre of their lives, and after a parental leave, are allowed a smooth transition back to the workplace, with the aim of reducing stress and disruption to their family units.

The policy also includes:

  • Pre-Natal Support: Preserve the health of pregnant mothers and their babies through adapted working conditions, allocated time-off to attend pre-natal medical examinations, provision of sound nutritional advice and parental transition coaching.
  • Extended Parental Leave: Provide all parents with full paid time off to bond as a family and to adjust to their new life and responsibilities. This includes 18 weeks of primary caregiver leave for a birth parent; 14 weeks for an adoptive parent and 10 working days of leave for the secondary caregiver. The policy applies irrespective of gender.
  • Post-Natal Support: Ensure the health and well-being of the baby and working parents through job protection policies, back-to-work programs and flexible working schedules. Support exclusive breastfeeding during the first six to twelve months of a baby’s life and continued breastfeeding, by providing lactation rooms in all sites with more than 50 female employees.

“Bringing health through food to as many people as possible is our mission at this company – and this starts with our own employees. The well-being of ‘Danoners’ has always been a first priority. Our new policy for Singapore reflects a culture that has long been embedded into the company’s DNA, that economic success cannot be sustained without social progress,” said Bhawna Gandhi, Head of HR at Danone Place Singapore.

“At Danone, we want to create a culture where no employee is afraid to announce a pregnancy and where we respect each employee’s personal choices. We want to be the most parent-friendly company in Singapore, to ultimately attract and retain Talent on the long run. I am personally convinced that starting a family doesn’t have to be done at the expense of a successful career. Quite the opposite, actually,” she added.


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