First year of SkillsFuture scheme saw 130,000 participants

Information and communications technology was the most popular training area in the SkillsFuture scheme's debut year. 

Some 126,000 Singaporeans availed of their SkillsFuture credit in the scheme’s first year alone.

One in three (34%) participants used the scheme more than once in 2016, according to a new SkillsFuture SG (SSG) press release.

While Singaporeans aged 25 to 29 had the highest credit utilisation at nearly S$400 per person, it was also found that roughly 63% of credit users were aged 40 and above.

Across all age groups, information and communications technology (ICT) courses saw the highest level of enrolment.

Younger Singaporeans took up courses in increasingly popular areas such as data analytics, while older Singaporeans signed up for basic computer familiarisation classes.

Language skills, productivity and innovation, and security and innovation were some of the other popular training fields.

The preference for flexible learning allowing users to access courses online at any time and pace also showed as some 5% of Singaporeans spent their credits on Massive Open Online Courses.

Last year, the number of courses eligible for SkillsFuture credits also increased to more than 18,000, provided by more than 700 public and private training providers. 

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