Five leadership principles to inspire your employees

Look no further than your own hand to lead and inspire others to follow suit.

A few months ago, I was invited by Sunil Lulla, Chairman and Managing Director for Grey Group India to conduct an account leadership training for his client serving and planning team. I was energised by the team’s passion and capabilities. But what jumped out the most was everyone’s desire to be a great leader and be the change that they want to see.  

I gave everyone five leadership principles, represented by a hand model as a guide for development. I believe they will serve any organisation or team well in today's business landscape. 

The Thumb

It stands for Thumbs-up for a job well done. Good leaders understand the importance of giving praises and encouraging positive changes in the workplace. People need to know they are doing a good job, so they can do more of it, and praises help to unlock strengths of employees.

The Index Finger

It stands for giving clear direction. 

Good leaders provide a vision for the team. We all know the day to day work can be tough, so your employees need to be able to look up to a leader to see and feel hope. They also need someone who can give them clear direction and feedback, so they know what is expected of them and how to achieve success.   

The Middle Finger

Do I need to say more? Good leaders have the courage to say no. Say no to bad clients or toxic people who poison the culture of your team.  

The Ring Finger

It is the finger that links to your heart, which is why it stands for passion.

Employees want to know what their leaders care about. Good leaders show their passion and inspire everyone around them to find theirs.

Pinky Finger

It stands for being humble.

Good leaders put their egos at the door - they have no issues with admitting their mistakes. They challenge everyone to learn from their mistakes and not be afraid to fail. 

Look no further than your hand to lead and to inspire others to lead. 

The author

Brenda Chung – Global Group Account Director, Grey Group 


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