Getting started on mental wellness at work

In the third part of our employee mental-health feature, HRM Magazine shares some tips on cultivating an engaged and productive workforce.

  • Invest in specialist support such as employee health screening and counselling creativity, humans still reign supreme


  • Train managers to 1) identify the early warning signs of common mental health problems in the workplace, and 2) intervene and engage supportively with employees who are experiencing difficulties


  • Encourage managers to adopt flexible working hours and a less rigid approach to sickness leave so as to reduce and avoid presenteeism


  • Nurture culture of understanding, through lunch-time talks and forums to educate employees at all levels about the realities of mental health issues


  • Lead the way - rope in senior management to endorse new initiatives and demonstrate that the organisation is committed to improving employee wellness in all aspects


This story was part of the broader article on mental health in the workforce, titled The Working Blues. Click here to read the first part of the article.

In the second part of our in-depth feature on mental wellbeing in the workforce, we share some insights that emerged from our recent Health and Wellness Congress this year.

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