Google to partner with SMEs to train future digital leaders

The initiative known as Squared Online for SMEs is looking to arm 1,000 business leaders with the necessary digital and marketing skills by 2019.

Tech giant Google unveiled plans on Wednesday (20 April) to collaborate with global training providers to train 1,000 business heads in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Google will partner with UK-based digital transformation and leadership training company AVADO, Spring Singapore and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to roll out Squared Online for SMEs.

This module is a digital leadership and marketing programme that is looking to groom the next cohort of digital leaders in Singapore.

“We know that SMEs have limited resources and that they’re looking for help to grow. Getting digital and mobile right is the key to future success. By offering a dedicated digital marketing programme for SME leaders, we hope to help them export using the web, grow their customer base and thrive in an increasingly mobile-first world,” said Ghislain Le Chatelier, Google’s regional director for South East Asia, Global Marketing Solutions.

Google revealed that 120 participants per cohort can partake in the course, with the organistion aiming to train a total of 1,000 business leaders by 2019.

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