The growing allure of serviced apartments

The serviced apartment option is gaining traction over the traditional corporate housing model in Asia. Last year witnessed strong demand for serviced apartments in Singapore, hitting an average occupancy rate of 84.5%, an increase from 80.9% in 2012. HRM explores the compelling drivers of this trend
Choosing the right place to call home
Naadiah Badib - 07 Jan 2016
HRM provides a round-up of the most luxurious serviced residences in Asia, and looks at how service providers are setting the bar higher to create more memorable stays.
“Tech-ing” up the place
Sham Majid - 06 Jan 2016
While technology has long been a key component of the hospitality sector, it has now specifically entered the domain of serviced residences specifically. HRM shares how some accommodation providers are tapping on the latest tech offerings t
The mobility conundrum
Sham Majid - 30 Dec 2014
2015 promises to be another year of companies broadening their horizons and expanding their presence in all parts of the globe. HRM considers how this mobility will impact the accommodation and relocation industry
Seeking longer home comforts
Sham Majid - 02 Dec 2014
In today’s uncertain world, overseas working assignments may be stretched further than anticipated. HRM explores how this has repercussions in terms of extended-stay accommodation for employees
Feeling at home
Sumathi V Selvaretnam - 02 Oct 2013
Larger floor areas, personal amenities, and a greater sense of community make serviced apartments an ideal choice for employees posted overseas on extended assignments. HRM looks at the different choices available, and the critical factors