Gunning for healthier goals

Laying out health activities is a key strategy that Ayam Brand adopts to ensure happy and engaged employees.

Health and wellness is a strong core in Ayam Brand’s workforce.

Not only is this ideal emphasised through the company’s products and branding, the organisation also implements several programmes to promote a healthier lifestyle among employees.

With approximately 60 staff in its Singapore office, Ayam Brand stresses the importance of such schemes, as part of an effort to improve efficiency and reduce absenteeism.

“Healthy and happy employees are the main factor behind our employee’s morale, efficiency and productivity,” Roy Teo, Managing Director of Ayam Brand Singapore, shares.

“To achieve this goal, we decided to offering health programmes for our employees.”

As part of its Workplace Health Programme, Ayam Brand has partnered with MyKenzen Nutrition Services to manage employee health since 2012.

Encouraging better lifestyles

One example of this agreement is the eight-week long “Steps” challenge where employees are challenged to clock in at least 10,000 steps a day with the help of a step tracker provided by the company.

So far proven to be a successful approach internally, Teo shares that Ayam Brand’s staff averaged 13,000 steps each at the end of the task in 2015.

“This was 30% above the initial target, and included one employee who covered more than 28,000 km,” he adds.

“Employees are also able to keep the tracker to monitor their personal fitness after the challenge.”

As a food production company itself, some of their programmes are centered upon nutrition and diet.

Employees are encouraged to attend cooking classes in which Ayam Brand products are used to create healthy meals.

“These sessions teach them how to prepare healthy and simple meals for themselves and their families,” Teo explains.

A weekly fruit giveaway is also a popular programme.

Over the course of eight weeks, fruits are provided in a special pack according to recommended serving portions.

Similarly, employees are able to share and learn healthy recipes from colleagues during nutrition campaigns held within the office.

In November last year, the company held an internal competition where staff had to come up with creative ways to eat fruits.

Here, they were able to share various ideas and encouraged each other to eat more healthily.

Other regular sessions organised also include health talks and exercise classes, such as piloxing and yoga.

“These health programmes are open to all employees and the management team participates actively in them as well,” he adds.

Tighter workforce

These methods have deemed to be helpful in reinforcing its organisation culture as approximately 97% of staff commented that they felt healthier in its post campaign survey.

“Through these programmes, employees gain valuable knowledge on how to take care of themselves better both physically as well as mentally,” Teo says.

Not only has the health programme fostered a better lifestyle among employees, Ayam Brand has seen a positive impact on its workplace cohesiveness.

The schemes require a lot of team challenges and collaborations, and staff have been able to build stronger relationships with colleagues from different departments.

“We strive to provide employees with a work environment that empowers them to achieve their full potential in not just their area of work, but also their physical and physiological well-being,” Teo adds.

Long-term employment

Positive work relationships and a healthy environment are just some of the factors that have led several of Ayam Brand’s employees to have remained with the company for many years.

In fact, a large proportion of them have stayed for more than a decade.

Long-term staff are highly valued in the organisation. Ayam Brand says they provide a rich vein of expertise and experience which are essential in managing and developing its quality brand.

With Ayam Brand’s strong emphasis on the career development of staff, most of its long-term employees have progressed from lower-ranking positions and currently play key roles in the progression of the company.

The workforce’s management and HR policies are the key reasons that attributed their long-term employment, Teo suggests.

“Our HR practices ensure employees are treated fairly and have equal career opportunities regardless of gender, race, nationality or age,” he says.

Putting employees first

At Ayam Brand, employees are the first priority.

As it currently has a small workforce in Singapore, Roy Teo, Managing Director of Ayam Brand Singapore stresses the importance of treating these people right.

One of the key strategies is its staff programmes, including the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run, in which CEO Fran├žois de Moulliac also took part alongside a group of staff.

“We treat all our employees fairly and equally, while providing a caring environment for every staff member to excel and enjoy their work,” Teo explains.


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