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Best-selling author and international speaker Chester Elton is due back in Singapore for this August's Compensation & Rewards Congress. HRM caught up with him to get the latest on rewards strategy best practices and how an effective recognition strategy can pay dividends when trying to further engage employees

What holds some employees back from giving their all at work?

Many employees are held back because they aren’t really sure that what they are doing makes a difference. Great leaders make sure that everyone knows what they do affects the clients and the team and gets them closer to success.


Why is it important for managers to create a “culture of belief”?

Because when people believe that what they do matters, they give you more. They give you their passion and their very best. When you believe, you are engaged.


Why are rewards and recognition a critical part of a high performance work culture?

When you recognise someone for their work, you are communicating in a very powerful way what you value most. Rewarded behaviour gets repeated. It reinforces the kind of culture you need to succeed. It is the secret sauce of all great organisations. You reward what you value.


Employees are often motivated by different things. How can HR come up with an effective rewards and recognition strategy that satisfies different interests?

The way you welcome people to the organisation is important. Ask them how they want to be recognised. Ask them what they value most. Make sure that they know that when they perform they will be celebrated and rewarded in a way that will be meaningful for them. HR can do that on the very first day of work.


Do rewards always have to be monetary? What are some effective non-monetary rewards?

A reward that is monetary does not reflect true recognition, as it is compensation. True recognition is symbolic in nature – it is presented, and it is valued more than money. When a team wins the World Cup, they don’t give them a cheque, they give them a medal and a trophy. What is the monetary value of that? It is priceless! The same can be said for the Oscars and Olympic gold medals. Don’t get ‘compensation’ confused with ‘recognition’.


Top three takeaways from your session?

•        Recognition is not a ‘NICE- to-have’. It is a MUST-have if you want to build a great culture.

•        Recognition is GOOD business. It accelerates performance and results.

•        Recognition is common sense uncommonly practiced. Great leaders make sure they find the time and the best ways to motivate their people. It is a discipline that delivers GREAT results.


What are you looking forward to the most at this event?

Having time to really teach and to find ways to engage and motivate your people. I always learn something new from these sessions. I am excited to learn more about the best practices in Singapore.


What do you like most about Singapore?

Chili Crab!!! It is delicious and it is ORANGE!

On a serious note, I love the Singapore people. I have been coming to Singapore for many years now and have developed great friends. I love to come to Singapore because the people have always made me feel so welcome. Singapore audiences are always very engaged. They love to learn and ask questions, I love that! See you soon!


Catch Chester Elton ‘live’ at the HRM 7th Annual Compensation & Rewards Asia



How to create a culture of belief and drive real results

14-15 August 2013

Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

The author of the New York Times bestsellers The Carrot Principle and The Orange Revolution presents groundbreaking new findings — today’s high-performance organisations have a distinctive kind of culture that leads to astonishing results.

Teaming up with research giant Towers Watson, author Chester Elton will present an unprecedented 300,000-person study conducted in the worst of the recession. Based on this research and extensive consulting experience with a who’s-who of successful companies, he will present a simple seven-step roadmap that all managers can follow to create a high-achieving culture in their own teams.

With the most current data available on culture, Elton will offer specific ‘how-to’s to help you build the right culture, and tell stories of leaders in action that vividly depict just how these powerful methods can be implemented. Audiences will learn:

•        The three research-based characteristics of the world’s most profitable, productive organisational and team cultures

•        The steps today’s most successful managers use to generate employee buy-in

•        How managers at any level can build a productive workgroup culture of their own, where employees commit to the culture and give that extra push of effort

The session promises to be engaging and energising. Delegates will walk away with practical tools that they can implement the very next day with their own teams.


The “All-In” Recognition Strategy-Building Workshop

Drawing on case studies from leading companies including Disney, American Express, AT&T and Texas Roadhouse, Elton will show how the transformative power of purpose-based recognition produces significant increases in operating results. He will show how great managers lead with carrots, not sticks, and in doing so achieve higher:

•        Productivity

•        Engagement

•        Retention

•        Customer Satisfaction

This workshop will introduce the simple steps to becoming a more effective manager and building a recognition culture in your organisation. It offers a wealth of specific examples, drawn from real-life cases, of ways to do recognition right. Following these simple steps will make you a high-performance leader and take your team to a new level of achievement. The session is highly interactive and participants will have the opportunity to share their own stories and best practices. It is an engaging give and take that will give you practical tools to engage and energise your team.



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