How recruitment firms can help you find the right candidate

In any industry, a company's greatest asset and resource are its people. This is where recruitment firms play a crucial role in partnering companies to find the best available talent, says Gary Lai, Managing Director - SEA, Charterhouse Partnership

Partnering with the right recruitment firm can not only help companies hire a suitable candidate in good time, but it will also market your company to potential candidates in a positive and accurate manner.

There are many recruitment firms in the market with different recruitment styles and approaches. However, there are some guidelines to consider in order for HR to select a recruitment firm that would add value in assisting with the whole recruitment cycle.

»        Meet with the recruiter to understand his/her track record, experiences, and approach.

»        Inquire about the recruitment firm’s sourcing and interview processes. (E.g. Do they meet all their candidates? How is the interview process going to be? Reference checks? Technical skills tests?)

»        Global recruitment firms gravitate towards sourcing for candidates from a larger candidate database whilst specialised boutique firms prefer to actively target candidates from the client’s competitors. Know what sort of recruitment style you prefer.

Recruitment firms should be seen as an extended HR arm for a company looking to hire talent, and a smooth partnership can ensure that the recruitment process would yield positive results. Below are some pointers on what HR can do to ensure that they get the best experience out of working with a recruitment firm.

»        Regularly speak with a trusted point of contact from the recruitment firm to know the hiring and market trends, competitors update, salary information etc.

»        When you meet with a recruiter, invite the recruiter to meet with yourself and the hiring manager. This will allow the recruiter to not only better understand the technical nature of the role, but also the firm’s culture and the hiring manager’s personal preferences. The more information you provide the recruiter, the more able the recruiter will be to represent your firm and target more relevant candidates.

»        Work with no more than two recruiters at any one time as you do not wish to have the same candidates getting multiple similar calls from different recruitment firms.

»        After each candidate interview, it is crucial to provide feedback to the recruiter on the represented candidate so that the recruiter could further refine his/her search.

»        Keep in contact with the recruiter to find out about the candidate’s thoughts because candidates usually feedback their initial thoughts on the landed position to their recruiter soon after starting work.

With all the above points, the most important ingredient in establishing and maintaining an ideal partnership between HR and the recruitment firm is constant transparent and trusting COMMUNICATION between both parties.



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