How Siemens is upping its HR transformation game

Mike Bokina, Global Head of HR Organisational Effectiveness, shares how the ongoing HR transformation is focused on building a more agile service delivery model.

German engineering giant Siemens embarked on a global HR transformation two years ago, but has recently intensified its efforts, Mike Bokina, Global Head - HR Organisational Effectiveness, tells HRM Magazine at this year's Smart Workforce Summit.

“Our transformation is focused on a better and different service delivery model. There have been three key aspects of our transformation that we have been conceptually focused on,” he shares.

These three pillars are agility, core to the business and professional. Below is his explanation of each.

Agility (forward to 00:52 of the video): “For us it means two things around HR – one is how do we deliver service in an on and off fashion. Some of our businesses may want more of something – maybe it's organisational development interventions, maybe it’s more recruiting, maybe it’s more digital learning. We can turn that up and down depending on the business unit’s needs.

The second aspect around agility is more about the mindset of HR. We have been fairly vertical-ised and silo-ed. The notion here is how do we leverage our scale and size globally.”

Core to the business (02:03): “For us, that means we work on products and services that are of competitive advantage to Siemens.”

Professional (02:17): “It’s really to build experts. We are moving away from a typical generalist model into one of deep expertise. So if you are in the space of people and leadership or even shared services – you are an expert in that space, and not just touching it maybe once or twice a week.”