HR in Focus: Weinstein fallout and Singapore's Human Capital Partners

HR's role in sexual harassment allegations at work and Human Capital Partners programme in Singapore are discussed in the latest session of HRM Asia’s flagship panel show.

Sham Majid and Johan van Vuuren discuss the latest business happenings from an important HR angle.

HR in Focus is a panel discussion series tackling the latest business and workforce management news and looking at them from an HR viewpoint.

In this episode, HRM Asia editor Sham Majid is joined by:

  • Johan van Vuuren, Director People & Culture at Dimension Data Asia Pacific

On the discussion agenda are:

  • HR's role in tackling sexual harassment allegations against the backdrop of the ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal; and
  • Whether progressive employment practices should move beyond aspects such as inclusion and productivity and deeper into areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics and change and culture management in today's tech-driven and disruptive world of work