HR in Focus: Media industry retrenchments and automated recruitment

Retrenchments and automated recruitment processes were the key topics in the latest session of HRM Asia’s flagship panel show.

Sham Majid, Serene Wai, and Gaurav Hirey discuss the latest business happenings from an important HR angle.

HR in Focus is a panel discussion series tackling the latest business and workforce management news and looking at them from an HR viewpoint.

In this episode, HRM Asia editor Sham Majid is joined by:

  • Serene Wai, HR Manager, Hawksford
  • Gaurav Hirey, Group Director HR and Talent Development, Teledirect Telecommerce

On the discussion agenda are:

  • The recent layoffs of about 130 employees at Media group Singapore Press Holdings and HR's duty in this exercise
  • Maintaining the balance between automating recruitment processes and retaining the personal touch for candidates