HR Initiative Ideas this Season

What will the HR department come up with this year-end? The usual traditions get old and celebrations are one-off. Why not start something that goes a long away?

HR is all about the people and welfare. Definitely, Christmas is not a season to be missed. What is the HR department coming up with this time? Sure, the usual works – organising office parties and rallying everyone to join the Christmas decoration competition. However, the usual gets old and those are just one-off celebrations. Why not do something special that will go a long away?

Office heroes

In a culture where everyone is appreciative of one another, there will be higher morale and less conflict in the workplace. Be it the secretary who does administrative work or the colleague who ensures everyone is well-fed, they deserve to be recognised.

To develop such a culture, you can conceptualise an internal campaign for a start. It could be simply getting one employee, on a rotational basis, to thank a co-worker daily on the intranet. Or, it could be something more elaborate – let your creative juices flow!

If you really cannot think of something, you may want to rally your company to participate in Orange Clove Catering’s “We Make You A Hero” campaign. Participants can nominate and vote an office hero to win him or her a sponsored vacation to Bali! Both the nominators and nominees are also invited to an Appreciation Dinner hosted by Orange Clove.

Watch their touching short video to see an unsung hero at work! Don’t you agree that the office will be a better place with more empathy and love?

Just, give

The best way to convey sincerity is unconditional giving. Declare no-work day on Christmas’ Eve or distribute a Christmas hamper to everyone! No frills, no question asked. We just want the employees to have a memorable Christmas with their loved ones.

Find meaning

Unite the company with a single, meaningful purpose! Look for Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities that align with your company’s values and identify a disadvantaged group to help.

Assembling a committee comprising of representatives from various departments can help to ensure active involvement and clear communication. As all of them brainstorm ideas and play their own designated roles, they will be able to break barriers and work together better.

When they finally see through the final event, they will be overwhelmed with a sense of achievement and pride – especially, when it is for a good cause. With numbers, come strength!

(Orange Clove partnered with Association for Persons with Special Needs (Centre for Adults) to organise a charity fair for them. All costs is beared by Orange Clove and proceeds go towards the beneficiaries’ learning.)

One for all, all for one

Year-end is a good time for companies to consolidate and do things better in the new year. While staff retreats and parties are popular during this period, many neglect the importance of teambuilding. By that, we do not mean all rainbows and fun, but having them actually live the saying of “going through thick and thin” together.

Engage a vendor to facilitate an expedition – get the team to help each other trek through uneven terrains, kayak across oceans under scorching sun or build tents to sleep after an exhausting day. Or, have everyone break through their comfort zones by overcoming high elements and mini-challenges.

(Orange Clove teams working together to complete their missions during a team-bonding activity.)


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