HR Summit 2017: Themed for complex times

Disruption Proof. Agile. Future Ready: the development team behind HR Summit & Expo Asia 2017 has focused this year’s event on the rapidly changing business landscape that all employers are facing in the new year

HR Summit & Expo Asia 2017 is set to once again be the region’s “go-to” event for everything HR. Over two days, delegates will enjoy access to some of the leading speakers, authors and thought leaders from around the world, addressing current and upcoming trends in HR across the region.

This year’s theme of “Disruption Proof. Agile. Future Ready” highlights the fast-changing business environment both here and around the world. It acknowledges the massive impacts that technology and globalisation are having on markets that were once considered fully matured and stable.

At the same time however, the overall global market is slowing – and major economic players are taking a more inward-looking approach to international trade.

Joanna Bush, executive general manager of HRM Asia, says that is why “agility” is such an important trait for organisations of all types and size. “The one thing we know is that the challenges we face today will be different from the challenges we face tomorrow,” she says. “Organisations need to be more adaptable today than ever before, and it is up to HR to drive that cultural change.”

Added to all this is the changing demographics that many workforces are experiencing, with the millennial generation now representing a majority in most businesses. Employee engagement and active, real-world leadership are vital considerations for HR today, and HR is being called to step up and actively support these current and future needs.

HR Summit & Expo Asia 2017 takes place at Suntec Singapore on May 3 and 4. For more information, contact or call 6423 4631.

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