HR Summit 2018: How to create a culture of risk-taking

In a time of evolve-or-die, organisations need to empower employees towards making a change and trying new things.

Are you working towards what's probably, or what's possible?

Speaking at the HR Summit & Expo Asia 2018, Margie Warrell -- best-selling author, Forbes columnist and leadership expert -- noted that many of history's great leaders have been able to expand the context of what's possible, rather than focusing only on what's probably.

"It’s easy to image things not going well. It’s not so easy to imagine where we will stand if we don’t try things," she noted.

But there is an increasing cost to inaction – Kodak and so many companies are examples of this, having chosen to put off the process of evolving.

Based on her work with organisations like NASA, Warrell outlined three pillars that can act as the foundation to creating a culture of courage that will help companies keep up with this era of disruption:

  1. Set a compelling mission
    "Rally people around a compelling vision that inspires and gives them the sense that what they’re doing matter," she said.
  2. Creating emotional safety
    "In the right environment, employees will be willing to get out there and try new things, and be braver than they might be otherwise," said Warrell.
  3. Embolding people to question and dissent
    "It's important that people feel empowered to challenge how things are being done -- that this is normalised."

When people feel threatened and uncertain, they will just try to protect themselves rather than do anything new, Warrell pointed out. As such, creating the right environment is imperative.

After all, she added, "Given the speed of change, if you’re not adapting, you’ll get left behind."


HR Summit & Expo Asia 2018 is taking place at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 9 and 10. Check out the full list of coverage here.


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