HR Summit speaker profile: Gary Hamel

Every week, HRM will profile one of the key speakers presenting at HR Summit & Expo 2017. 

Professor Gary Hamel

Speaker, author, management consultant, and academic

Based in: Salt Lake City, US

Presenting on: Beyond the Buzzword: Innovation from Everyone, Every Day (keynote plenary); and Busting Bureaucracy and Building a Change Platform (C-Suite Symposium workshop)

What are the biggest ‘take-aways’ that audiences will pick up?

I’ll talk about my mantra of revolutionary goals and evolutionary steps. Organisations have to be able to imagine themselves as fundamentally different from where they are today. And they have to know how to build that vision starting from where they are today.

Is the glass half full, or half empty?

It’s half-full and getting fuller. There are so many organisations with so many creative people in the world. Anyone who says you can’t build something new is not looking in the right places.

What are you most looking forward to doing in Singapore while you are here?

Singaporeans are the world’s greatest shoppers. I’ll try to emulate that and find a gift for my wife.

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