HRM Asia’s digital learning research now underway

The Thriving in a World of Digital Learning survey kickstarted on Friday last week, with significant interest across the HR community in Singapore.

Do you want to know how your digital learning budget compares with other organisations in Singapore? Perhaps you want to understand the returns-on-investments that companies are now getting from their digital learning interventions, and how these have changed over recent years.

With a flood of digital learning opportunities on the market, and professional-level employees keen to utilise gamified, bite-sized, and on-the-go development opportunities, there is plenty of pressure for organisations – and HR in particular – to embrace this new space.

HRM Asia, together with Kuala Lumpur-based consultancy Elementrix, is conducting the first-of-its-kind research into the current state of digital learning in Singapore. The survey component of the Thriving in a World of Digital Learning research is now “in the field”, with selected participants receiving an email link to the survey on June 8.

This simple to use qualitative survey takes only eight minutes to complete, but the insights gained are expected to be highly valuable across the HR community in Southeast Asia.

Participants will receive an exclusive, first-access copy to the research Executive Summary, which will feature more in-depth detail and analysis than the excerpt that will be published in the September issue of HRM Magazine Asia.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to help shape our understanding of the digital learning landscape in Singapore.

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