HRM Awards 2016: A night to savour

The showpiece event fully lived up to its billing as “the Oscars” of the local HR industry.
Marina Bay Sands: The resort that never sleeps
Kelvin Ong - 09 May 2017
Managing one of the world’s largest resort properties and its 10,000 employees is certainly no small task. Marina Bay Sands’ Senior Vice President of HR Chan Yit Foon shares just how her team keeps things running smoothly 365 days a yea
Zooming in on budding talents
Fiona Lam - 05 Dec 2016
Media investment and management firm Aurora Media Holdings deviates from the traditional script with its deep commitment to grooming the industry’s next generation.
The future of talent in Singapore in 2030
Content Approver - 15 Nov 2016
Singapore has enjoyed a period of impressive economic development, and the key for its sustained success lies in the talent of its people.
Small gestures; Big impacts
Kelvin Ong - 03 Nov 2016
Monetary rewards are always nice to receive, but they can also feel impersonal. HRM Asia discovers why sincerity, and not cash, is becoming the highest form of flattery to employees
A taste for the unorthodox
Fiona Lam - 01 Nov 2016
Technology firm Philip Tang & Sons brims with creative energy, from its inquisitive employees eager to try on different hats, right down to its inventive HR policies.