HRM Awards 2018: SIM Award for Best Talent Management Practices (over 500 employees)

Singtel bagged the SIM Award for Best Talent Management Practices (>500 employees) at this year's HRM Awards.

At the HRM Awards 2018, there was a strong field of nominees in the SIM Award for Best Talent Management Practices for larger employers – but it was SingTel that picked up the key award on the night.

The company’s Group HR director Aileen Tan was elated at what was the third prize of a busy night – she would go on to also win the Outstanding Contribution to HR Award for a fourth SingTel accolade.

“I’m feeling really amazing and awesome,” she said off-stage.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing team,” she said. We all share the same philosophy in terms of talent management. You can see each day when people get to work, especially my HR team, it’s all about the heartbeat – and talent, talent, talent!”

“We make sure that each talent within the organisation stays very connected with us and their colleagues, and that they have every opportunity to develop and truly unleash their potential.”

The Award Sponsor Singapore Institute of Management said the prize was well-deserved.

“The recognition of SingTel in this particular category is for its very purpose-driven talent strategies and that’s very much aligned to what the SIM vision is all about,”  Lim Mei Mei, Marketing Director  of SIM Global Education explained.

“It’s about continuation in education and training and developing of people and HR capacity – and that’s so important to us too as well.

“And of course, moving beyond this award, we look forward to working with SingTel, to see how else we can further build talents into the economy.”


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