The importance of "job branding"

Tata Consultancy Services' Asia-Pacific HR Director Sudeep Kunnumal explains that a strong employer brand now boils down to effective job branding.

Although Tata Consultancy Services is a well-known global brand and a big conglomerate, those elements are no longer appealing to the best minds in the business.

Increasingly, employer branding is more than just about reputation and culture, says Sudeep Kunnumal, HR Director, Asia-Pacific, Tata Consultancy Services.

“We are known as a very global brand and a big conglomerate, but more and more the newer generations are looking more specifically at what is a job, and what is a role,” says Kunnumal.

“For the purpose of employer branding, we need to be able to brand jobs."

What Tata Consultancy Services has been able to do, he adds, is to understand that most of today’s top students are drawn to jobs that are well-branded, not just companies.

In light of this, the organisation has democratised recruitment, and has done so by gamifying the hiring process.

Kunnumal says the team runs a lot of contests that leverages its many digital platforms, including one called Campus Commune. There is a hackathon, a mobile data analytics visualisation competition, and design competitions.

“It’s been fantastic. We have been able to attract people who are passionate in these areas, demonstrate their skills, able to spot them early, engage them and hire them,” he says.

“That’s helped us to be ahead of the curve.”