Infographic: HR's ongoing struggle to be heard

Although businesses are facing severe talent shortages, only one in three companies believe their HR teams have the answer.

While HR seeks to reinvent itself as a strategic player in the business, insights from the KellyOCG Workforce Agility Barometer Report illustrate the difficulties leaders in Asia-Pacific and Singapore face in ensuring their HR functions are aligned with business and talent priorities.

Some 61% of C-level leaders in APAC expect talent shortages to have a negative impact on their business in the next three years. In Singapore, 75% of respondents feel this way.

Despite that, only 53% of businesses engage HR at their business strategy development stage.

If this figure is any indication, HR can certainly play a more pivotal role in supporting business strategies and driving results.

However, only 37% in APAC and 10% in Singapore believe that their HR functions have the capabilities to provide strategic workforce insights.

Yet, only 41% in APAC and 37% in Singapore engage external HR consultants to provide insights that will inform their strategic workforce planning.

To enable greater workforce agility, employers believe the solution lies in hiring contingent workers.   

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