An Informed Workforce is a Healthy Workforce

Creating a healthy workforce can be achieved by implementing a series of health programmes to counter common communicable diseases.

An ageing workforce calls for workplace safety and health to look beyond a legislative perspective. One of the ways that a healthy workforce can be achieved is by empowering employees to take the responsibility of their own health as well as the health of their loved ones.

The Workplace Infectious Diseases Education Program (WIDE) is a complimentary suite of workplace health programs offered to workplaces, to create awareness on common communicable diseases such as HIV AIDS, influenza, Tuberculosis and Hand, Foot and Mouth Diseases (HFMD).

In an hour, these talks dismiss the myths surrounding such diseases and explain how individuals can take simple precautions to protect themselves from the viruses that cause such diseases. Brochures given during the talk will inform and assist employees in the management of communicable diseases

The WIDE orientation kit is a useful resource for human resources and workplace safety and health personal. It contains a wealth of information that can be incorporated into employee handbooks and orientation and professional development programs. This compliments the talk and serves as a consistent reminder to employees to protect themselves and those around them from communicable diseases.

For workplaces with staff strength of at least 200, the WIDE Program comes with a set of interactive exhibits. These exhibits can be housed at office premises for a week allowing employees an interactive opportunity to learn the various signs and symptoms, prevention and protection against communicable diseases. A flu vaccine at $18 per head can also be made available to companies.

Singapore National Employers Federation

Singapore National Employers Federation conducts monthly Communicable Diseases Education (CDE) Workshops. These workshops are aimed at creating awareness and preparing workplace safety and health professionals on combatting the spread of communicable diseases within the workforce. Through the workshop employers will be introduced to the Workplace Infectious Diseases Orientation Kit. They will also be equipped with strategies on empowering employees to protect themselves against communicable diseases. 

Remember: “Health is wealth"

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