Italian man jailed for posting intern pictures to pornographic websites

The former financial analyst has also been ordered to pay compensation to the victim.

An Italian man has been jailed by a UK court for 16 weeks, for posting pictures of a female intern on pornographic websites.

Davide Buccheri, a former financial analyst, had made romantic advances towards the victim while they both worked at M&G Investments. After these advances were rejected, Buccheri took images of the victim from social media, and uploaded them to pornographic websites.

He then told bosses at M&G Investments about the photos, in an attempt to discredit the woman.

The intern had been a university student during the seven-month period that Buccheri targeted her.

"You, having been spurned by her in a very professional and gentle and understanding way, set about on a course of revenge," said Judge Richard Blake, in passing sentence at London’s Westminster Magistrates' Court.

"[The victim] will live forevermore with the fear that someone will Google her name and some ghastly website will come up and she will be reminded of the offences that you invoked."

Buccheri no longer works with M&G Investments, having returned to Italy – where he has struggled to find work, and currently lives with his parents.

"I recognise that this is a tragedy for you. The consequence of this is to destroy your career as it stood at the time of these events,” added the judge. 

Buccheri has also been ordered to pay £5,000 (S$9,000) in compensation to the victim. 

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