Locking in loyalty

These days, the best employees can be more concerned with their own careers than the organisation where they work. HRM discusses how effective engagement encourages them to stay for the long-haul
Small gestures; Big impacts
Kelvin Ong - 03 Nov 2016
Monetary rewards are always nice to receive, but they can also feel impersonal. HRM Asia discovers why sincerity, and not cash, is becoming the highest form of flattery to employees
Turning off the turnover tap
Sham Majid - 30 Dec 2015
There is no running away from the fact that organisations continue to feel the heat from the turnover enigma. But how can HR play an instrumental role in fixing this issue? HRM investigates.
Helping talent take flight
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 29 Dec 2014
Having grown up with aerospace, William C. Kircher, VP – Singapore Overhaul & Repair, Pratt & Whitney & President, UTC Aerospace Singapore shares his take on mentoring all levels of staff to achieve greater heights in the industry
Live Great at work
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 05 Mar 2014
Making life great is part of Great Eastern's daily work: for its customers, business partners, and especially its employees. Dr Khoo Kah Siang, CEO of Great Eastern Life Assurance, shares how he is championing Great Eastern's 'GEvolution'
Retaining talent
HRM Asia - 15 Feb 2013
What can HR do to retain star performers within the company without alienating your other workers?
Marina Bay Sands: The resort that never sleeps
Kelvin Ong - 09 May 2017
Managing one of the world’s largest resort properties and its 10,000 employees is certainly no small task. Marina Bay Sands’ Senior Vice President of HR Chan Yit Foon shares just how her team keeps things running smoothly 365 days a yea