Malaysian firms urge staff to return home on polling day

In light of the 14th General Elections taking place on a Wednesday, companies are allowing employees time off to vote.

With Malaysia’s 14th General Elections taking place on a working day, several Malaysian firms have said that they will give staff time off to return home to vote.

Falling on May 9, a Wednesday, the government has not yet declared polling day a public holiday. This is the country’s first weekday poll in almost twenty years.

Several companies told Reuters they will allow staff to take time off to vote. Some also offered to pay for travel costs.

Google Malaysia, publishing group Karangkraf Sdn Bhd, logistics company GetAsap, and production house JinnyBoyTV, are among the many companies that are in support of employees doing their bid in the elections.

Jinny Lim, founder of JinnyBoyTV and Youtube personality, said on Twitter that “every company should be in support of this”.

Public relations agency Shekhinah PR will not only give employees two days off, but will absorb the costs of highway tolls and petrol for employees who have to drive home.

To encourage more Malaysians to vote, national carrier Malaysian Airlines and low-fares carrier AirAsia are also waiving flight change fees for passengers whose original bookings fall on May 9. 

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