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A cloud-based HRIS system provides organisations with a bird's eye view of their workforce. It enables HR to drive the business forward by channelling the right talent to the right place says, Dinesh Saparamadu, Founder and CEO, hSenid Business Solutions

In an ever changing world, organisations thrive to continuously achieve superior results. One of the key factors that enables an organisation to achieve the desired results is its workforce. The importance of human resource is sky rocketing and managing it effectively and efficiently is of paramount importance to an organisation.

Talent recognition and management is one of the areas that helps an organisation to achieve high performance. Superior talent need to be managed using appropriate techniques that involve identifying them, motivating them and retaining them. PeoplesHR is a cloud-based HRIS solution that helps a business achieve superior talent by offering the tools and techniques that this requires.

Talent Identification

Isolating superior talent from the rest is the beginning of superior talent management. Performance appraisals and assessments are widely used for this purpose and PeoplesHR offers the most modern tools in benchmarking, identifying and clubbing talent into quadrants.

Organisations should be cautious about doing ad hoc, manual, performance appraisals for talent identification. Incorrectly analysing the performance of employees may significantly de-motivate them and induce dysfunctional behaviour.

Performance Management

Performance management tools must continue to be used even after talent has been identified. High-performing individuals must be constantly monitored to see if they are performing to their full potential. If their performance levels are low, then reasons for that could be identified and solved. Some of the issues that cause an employee to perform poorly can also cause that specific employee to leave in the future.

PeoplesHR offers continuous performance analysis, which helps to identify new changes in employee performance levels. Subsequently, new or emerging talent can also be identified.

Succession Planning

Superior talent must be constantly provided with the potential for future development in the organisation. A clear unambiguous promotion plan will motivate high-performing individuals and keep them from looking elsewhere for opportunities. It will also help the organisation plan for unexpected events like key people leaving, and help it develop a roadmap for the future.

Maintaining such a plan is easy when the organisational structure is maintained by an HR system that is offered by PeoplesHR. This will ensure that there is only one succession plan and that there is no miscommunication between the HR department and employees.

Using Analytics

Analytics is another useful tool that can be used not only to identify high-performers, but also to understand the factors and influences that make them perform in that way. Analytics helps to find out the relationship between any two factors. Sometimes by using analytics it can be found that it is commuting distances that discourage employees. This factor can then be controlled so that employee performance is maximised and potential high performers are not missed.

Rewarding and Recognising

Every manager knows that employees who perform exceptionally well must be rewarded and recognised far more than the rest of their colleagues. However, exceptional performers will not be happy with being classed with other high-performers. They will want higher rewards and recognition.

To solve this issue, a reward structure based on employee performance must be utilised. All aspects of an employee must be considered, from compliance of organisational policy to timeliness of objective delivery. This standardised holistic approach, only implementable using an HRIS system, will make employees feel that they are all treated the same, and ensures that high-performers are fairly rewarded.

PeoplesHR is a cloud-based HR system that contains all tools required to manage superior talent. It is Asia’s fastest growing cloud based HR system and has a reputation for being able to be deployed and localised in several distinct legislatures whilst still providing a global administrative perspective.


Dinesh Saparamadu

Founder & CEO, hSenid Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd


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