Maybank employees can now take up to one year maternity leave

The Malaysian bank also introduced a new sabbatical leave policy, allowing workers to take career breaks of up to 24 months. 

Malaysian financial institution Maybank is now offering extended maternity leave of up to 365 days, making it the first bank in the country to provide such an employee benefit.

The new entitlement is a significant increase from the existing fully-paid 90-day maternity leave provision. Mothers can now apply for an additional maternity leave period of three months with half-pay, and a further six months with no pay.

The extended maternity leave period will also not constitute a break in an employee’s employment, with medical and insurance coverage provided during this time.

Maybank Group Chief Human Capital Officer, Nora Manaf, who announced the benefit during the group’s International Women’s Day 2017 celebration in Kuala Lumpur, said that this enhanced benefit was made after a holistic review of its existing people policies and programmes.

“As a caring and inclusive organisation that always champions family-friendly initiatives and work-life integration, this policy presents an opportunity for our female employees to cope with the demands of their new born child and motherhood, while finding the balance to juggle work and life before returning to, and performing effectively, in their roles in the workplace,” she says.

The organisation also rolled out a sabbatical leave policy for all staff. Under this policy, eligible employees are allowed to take a career break for a minimum duration of three months to a maximum of 24 months, with the guarantee of returning to work.

During this period, employees will also continue to enjoy certain benefits such as medical and insurance coverage up to a certain period of time.

“(These policies) are part of many initiatives that Maybank has invested in over the years, to create a meaningful and exciting workplace experience for employees to successfully thrive, empowering them to integrate work and life, seamlessly,” says Manaf. 

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