More support expected for mature workers

Asian workers believe that employers and governments must do more to engage mature workers and ensure a sustainable workforce.

Employees in Asia believe that mature workers can only remain employable if there is sufficient support provided by the government or employers.

Around eight out of 10 employees in Asian markets look to depend on the government (80.9 per cent) and employers (85.5 per cent) to help mature workers remain employed for longer period of time – higher than the global averages of 63% and 75% respectively.

“With an ageing workforce, we need to work together to break down social stigmas associated with mature workers. Organisations that provide age-friendly workplace initiatives will benefit from increased workplace productivity and reduced turnover rates,” said Natellie Sun, Managing Director of Randstad Hong Kong.

“In order to ensure their employability in the long run, we would encourage employees to immerse themselves in lifelong learning opportunities through short-term or digital courses provided by the government, their employers or from independent institutions,” she added.

The study was conducted online at the end of last year, among employees aged 18-65, working a minimum of 24 hours a week in a paid job. The minimum sample size was 400 interviews per country.

Hong Kong: 

More than eight out of 10 Hong Kongers believe that their government (82%) and employers (85%) should support the employability of mature workers. Similar across all the markets, employees between the ages of 35 and 54 have higher expectations of their government and employers and feel that it is their responsibility to keep mature workers in the workforce longer.


Malaysia ranked the lowest across the region in terms of their expectations. At least seven in 10 employees believe that the government (76%) and employers (81%) should support their employability as they age. Support may be provided through adequate learning and development programmes by either the government or employers to ensure the long-term employability of Malaysian employees.


At least eight in 10 Singaporeans believe that mature employees can only remain employed if they receive sufficient support from the government (85%) and employers (90%).

The results showed that mature employees have high trust in the government to provide subsidised training and career development programmes, and in their employers to offer a robust job training programme to assure their employability within the workforce.

 This is further supported by the survey, where 92% of mature workers strongly believe that they will have a chance to stay employable only if their employers support them.

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