No Game, No Gain

An increasing number of educators are incorporating gamification tools into their teaching and training sessions, here's how they've done it.

Learning and upgrading skills will soon be as fun as playing a game on the computer as more educators are incorporating gamification tools into their teaching and training sessions.

Take the example of tech stalwart IBM, which developed an IBM Business Process Management (BPM) simulation game titled "INNOV8 2.0". In this game, students play a protagonist who must work to improve the business processes of a fictional call center agency, After Inc. Through the gameplay, students learn business process management concepts such as the basic anatomy of BPM maodels, and how to improve business processes to increase a company’s profitability. Another example of learning through gamification is ORILE, a 3-D virtual serious game developed by Singapore based compny, The Operational Risk Practice. ORILE depicts the office environment virtually where learners can see themselves performing roles as part of a broader business process. Learners have to apply their understanding of the business requirements and are assessed on their ability to ensure business continuity during normal and crisis scenarios.

The Operational Risk Practice found that learners were able to appreciate the complexity of potential real-life scenarios much more effectively via the serious game as opposed to traditional training methods. This allowed them to realise their shortcomings more clearly and feel more confident over time on their ability to deal with crisis and complex business processes more effectively. This, the company surmised, is because the game provides learners with the opportunity to visualise more clearly what complex scenarios could look like, understand the outcomes of the choices they make from an individual and team standpoint. ORILE provides a natural transition for immediate practice and application in a realistic situation.

Such findings provide more impetus for gamification in learning. In the near future, adult education can very well be as addictive as popping coloured candies.


This article first appeared in IALeads (December 2014 issue), an e-magazine from the Institute for Adult Learning.


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