One on one with Kwang Kam Shing

The Asia CEO of JP Morgan Private Banking talks about the importance of being patient.

Kwang Kam Shing, Asia CEO of JP Morgan Private Banking gets candid in this quickfire round of Q&A. 

Part one of the interview can be found here.




My biggest inspiration:


My daughters. They make me a better person. Because of them, I’ve learned how to deal with difficult situations. They often put me in positions that I don’t always feel in control of


Advice for my younger self:  

Don’t rush through things. When I was younger, I took everything really seriously. It’s not a bad thing, but I deliberated too much on certain decisions


The best decision I ever made:  

Coming to Singapore when I was 13 years’ old. That changed my journey. Being away from home during my teenage years was hard, but it moulded me to become the person I am today


What gets me up in the morning: 

The unknown. In my job, every day is different, and can turn out to be very different from what I envisioned


Leadership style:  

I wouldn’t call myself “hands on” – I think it depends on the individual. If I feel everything is running smoothly and the person or team is doing fine, then I don’t interfere too much 



Part one of our chat with Kwang is available here

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