Qatar Airways CEO: Only a man can do my job

According to the airline chief, women need not apply for the top position.

During a press conference in Australia, Qatar Airways CEO elicited "louds groans  of disapproval" when he said that only men would be able to fill the top post.

“Of course it has to be led by a man, because it is a very challenging position,” said Akbar Al Baker.

The press conference followed the end of the annual general meeting for the International Air Transport Association. Al Baker is the incoming chairman of its board of governors.

However, the airline later released a statement from Al Baker stating, “Qatar Airways firmly believes in gender equality in the workplace and our airline has been a pioneer in our region in this regard, as the first airline to employ female pilots, as one of the first to train and employ female engineers, and with females represented through to senior vice president positions within the airline.”

“With a female work force of more than 33%, as I mentioned today, it would be my pleasure if I could help develop a female candidate to be the next CEO of Qatar Airways,” he added.

The airline has previously come under fire for restrictive employee policies.  



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