Readers' Choice Awards: Best Asia Leadership Consultant

Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy took home the Best Asia Leadership Consultant prize at this year's Readers' Choice Awards.

Despite being crowned as the winner in the Best Asia Leadership – Consultant category, work is the only thing occupying the thoughts of Abhijit Banerjee, Director of Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy (pictured).

“We’re currently in the midst of delivering demanding projects, so the news of us winning two awards (the other being the Best Corporate Leadership Programme) came as a pleasant surprise and morale-refresher to our team,” he said.

“Our schedules are so tight that we’re only planning a celebratory drink in October!”

Banerjee said the company always matches the client with the right consultant, based on their industry, growth stage, and internal needs.

“This sets us apart from other companies; our work is never generic and always specially crafted for the respective client,” he said.

“We have always strived to provide differentiated and personalised services and we’re looking for more value-adds to our clients.”

A jubilant Banerjee said the accolade wouldn’t have been possible without the support of his team, clients and trusted partners.

“We are lucky to have such an incredible group of people supporting us and believing in our core message which is: excellence without compromise,” he said.

“2018 will be a big year for us, and we’re setting a strong base for the planned growth. For us, service excellence will remain at our core and this award gives us more pressure to retain and further refine our quality.”

HRM Asia's Readers' Choice Awards were presented on September 8. All of the winners will be unveiled in the special Readers' Choice Awards forum.

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